details of an item

Tap on one item on the list of a collection to view detailed information about the selected item. By tapping on the image it will scale to full screen. To return from full screen view of the image simply squeeze the image to minimize.

Edit item
Go to the edit screen by pushing the edit button on top of the screen. You can insert data for all fields defined for the associated collection (see images on right side). You can add an image to each entry. For this you can choose an image from you library or take a new one by the iPhone camera.
In addition there are input fields for text, numbers, dates and notes - it depends on how your collection is defined. When inserting data to an text field it is possible to use a data picker to choose data instead of inserting it.

Note: If you would like to change data fields, add or remove fields you can do it by editing the collection type.

Note: When you are using allThings full version you can change the collection this item belongs to. When you have defined more than one collection of the same collection template you can move an entry from one to an other collection of the same type.

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