list of items

After selecting a collection ("my watches" in this example) you get to the list view containing all items of the selected collection. You can scroll through all items listed here. In addition you can search for enties by name or any other displayed property.
In the upper part of this list all items that you have stored (see image on left side) are displayed. If you also imported items from an other iOS device (or a download) they will be displayed at the end separated by a title bar displaying the name of the other device.

Deleting an existing item
Deleting an existing item is possible in two ways. First way simply do the swipe-to-delete gesture on the designated item. This causes appearing a delete button to confirm.
For second way to delete an item please press the edit button on top of the screen. Now select the row you want to delete and press the recycle bin on the bottom right side.

Add a new item
Adding a new item to your collection is possible in two ways.

First way to add a new item press the (+) button on the bottom left side. A new empty item will appear on top of the list. Continue by choosing this new entry you will get to the input screen for the new item. Here you can insert all data you would like to store about the new item. 
Second possibility is to make a copy of an existing item. So you can use all stored data of one item for the new, similar entry. For doing this push the edit button on top of the screen, choose the item you want to make a copy of and press the copy (see image on right side) button on the bottom of the screen.


  1. before last update it used to be a good app! unfortunately are all my items (several hundred!) in every collection now in complete disorder!!! any ideas how to get myy items back in alphatbetical order?

    1. You can sort all your items within a collection:
      1) just tap on the little ">"-button at the bottom of the screen (left hand side)
      2) the sorting menu will appear
      3) choose the field value your items shall be sorted by
      The selected sorting field shall be stored for the future.

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