main menu

Whenever you start your app you will get to the main menu. Here you can choose wether to manage your collections, view wishlist or change basic setting on settings screen.
You may decide to protect your data stored inside by defining a password. In this case you will need to insert the correct password before you get access to the content of allThings. Activate password protection in setings screen.


  1. I have 3 collections, with 10 items, with 14 items and with 15 items. Adding one more item is possible but only without a foto! Whats wrong!?

  2. There are no restrictions on addinga photo to an existing item. Maybe there are storage issues on your phone or something like that. For a more detailed analysis please write an email explaining your problem to worth.it@keepyourspirit.de . Tell us about your device an operation system and which version of allThings or allThings lite you use, so we can help you.