wish-list feature

Managing you collections does not only mean to get an overview about things you own, but also manage information about things you want to own - for example in order to complete your collection. For this you can use the wishlist feature of allThings.
Each collection can be set to enable the wishlist feature in collection settings screen by turning on the wish-list switch (see collection settings). When doing this you will get a switch added to each item in the current collection. With this switch labeled "to the wishlist" you put the item of your collection on the all-in-one wish-list of the app. The item will be marked as "wish" in the list of items and all wished will be listed separate at the end of the list.

Once you have put items of different collections on your wishlist you are able to access your wishlist on the main menu screen. Your wishes from each collection are listed now and you get a perfect overview about everything you need to complete your collections. You can send this list to anyone to get this person informed what you would like to have - maybe in preparation of your birthday?

sending your wishlist by email
Whenever you want to give your wishlist to another person simply go to the wishlist screen. Pushing the  send button on the bottom of the screen the application will put all items of your wishlist to an archive file and change to the iPhone email screen. Now enter the email address of the person you want to sent the wishlist to and press the send button.
The email will be sent immediatedly and the receiver automatically opens the file using allThings-App to import your wishlist.

Note: When you have added a picture to your items these pictures will be included in the wishlist file when "include images in exports" is switched on in the main settings menu.

managing wishlists from different person
Whenever you received a wishlist from another person allThings will ask you to import it to your database.  When import has finished your wishlist screen will change a bit. From main menu you at first will get to a choice screen where all different wishlists are listed (see picture on left side). Simply choose the one you want to view and it will be shown.

deleting an item from a wishlist
Wishlists contain items that you want to own. When you delete an item from your wishlist by doing the switpe-to-delete gesture it will be removed from your wishlist - it will not be deleted. 
Usually you add an item to you collection and mark it to be your wish. Later when you own this item, just the mark thats a wish will be removed. The item will remain in your collection.

Note: If you want to permanently remove the item from your collection, navigate to the corresponding collection to delete it as described here

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