allThings lite - upgrade to full version

Have you ever wondered how to transfer your data from lite to full version? Thats quite simple. Did you load allThings from the app store? Let's start...

First step: Use your iOS device to create a backup of all stored collections in the configuration menu of allThings - lite. Make sure to have the switch include images in backup files activated.

Second step: Connect to iTunes and copy the backup file from your iOS device to your pc or mac. You can find the backup file in the file sharing section of your apps (see image for details).

Third step: Now you can store this backup file in the file sharing area of allThings.

Last step: Start the full version in your iOS device and import your data from the backup using standard import function described here. Now you can delete allThings - lite, all features of this version will be available in full verion - and some more... try it.

Note: If you want to transfer your data without using iTunes, send an email including each of your collections to yourself using allThings - lite and import it in allThings. See here for more information about sending emails and importinmg .ath files.

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