allThings - new version - released

These days a new version 1.5 of allThings will been released. Currently waiting for review by Apple.
Many customers sent us requests of new features and suggestions - we have worked hard to implement most of them. Version 1.5 offers a wide range of new features

  • downloading new collection icons from this site or receive them from friends by export/import files. If you would like to use a special icon please send us via email. We will convert it to a icon file and send it back to you. Thanks to Hans for this request.
  • new field type "checkbox" added to use in your records for yes/no properties. You can add this field type to your collection as described hereThanks to John for this request.
  • Super-user-mode added. New version provides a double password protection. Use first password (standard password) to get access to your data and do whatever you want. But some of your collections are hidden. You can not access or export them you even can not see them. Use your second password (super password) at the login screen of allThings to get access to these special collections. As long as you use your standard password, you can hide your confidential data - and no one will recognize that you are hiding something. Thanks to Paul for this request.

In addition now you can download new collection types from this side, for example:
  • "my life" - to collect data about things happening in your life or the first steps of your baby including pictures (English:  my life German: mein Leben)
  • "lend out items" - manage all things that you have lend out to someone else (English:  dvd's, books German: DVDs, Bücher)

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