a modern "little black book"

Do you need to hide some special information from others?
Do you have names of women (or men) and telephone numbers or other sensitive data, that you need to store discreet and secure?
Just use allThings to manage your data and hide it from everyone else. And that's how to do:

1st - Load allThings full version.

2nd - Define two passwords, one to get access to the data stored inside the app and the second one to access your special data.

3rd - Create a new collection of type "people" and activate the switch "secure by super password"

4th - Enter your secret data: names, phone numbers, images into your new "little black book"-collection.

5th - define some additional collections containing some data. Thats for confusing other people.

Now you are done. Whenever you start allThings you will be asked for a password. Insert your super password to get full access to your data including your "little black book"-collection.
Whenever you enter your normal password you will get access to all data except your "little black book"-collection.
o nobody will ever recognize that you are hiding some data!

A perfect hiding place to your secrets... Try it out...

Can you find the difference 

between these two screenshots?

<-- app by using password

app by using super password --> 


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